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jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2009


Pediatric Emergency Care
September 2009, Volume 25, Issue 9
Original Articles
547-549Conservative Treatment of Stable Volar Plate Injuries of the Proximal Interphalangeal Joint in Children and Adolescents: A Prospective Study
Daniel M. Weber, MD; Christian J. Kellenberger, MD; Martin Meuli, MD
Original Articles
550-554 Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Research Curriculum: A Survey of Fellowship Directors
M. Olivia Titus, MD; Joseph D. Losek, MD; Timothy G. Givens, MD
Original Articles
555-557 Intravenous Contrast Agents and Associated Changes in Serum Osmolality
Mathew George, MD; Michael Shannon, MD, MPH
Original Articles
558-564 Use of a Discharge Facilitator Improves Recall of Emergency Department Discharge Instructions for Acute Gastroenteritis
Binita Patel, MD; Stephanie S. Kennebeck, MD; Alison Chantal Caviness, MD, MPH; Charles G. Macias, MD, MPH
Original Articles
565-568 Effectiveness of Fever Education in a Pediatric Emergency Department
Mark D. Baker, MD, MPH; Kathy W. Monroe, MD; William D. King, RPH, MPH, DrPH; Annalise Sorrentino, MD; Peter W. Glaeser, MD
Original Articles
569-571 Body Mass Index and Pediatric Asthma Outcomes
Jeffrey Hom, MD, MPH; Eric J. Morley, MD, MS; Paul Sasso, BS; Richard Sinert, DO
Original Articles
572-574 Characteristics of Pediatric Trauma in an Urban City in Japan
Youichi Yanagawa, PhD, MD; Toshihisa Sakamoto, MD
Original Articles
575-578 Observation Option for Acute Otitis Media in the Emergency Department
Thomas Fischer, MD; Adam J. Singer, MD; Stuart Chale, MD
Original Articles
579-581 Initial Base Deficit as Predictors for Mortality and Transfusion Requirement in the Severe Pediatric Trauma Except Brain Injury
Jinhee Jung, MD; Eunkyung Eo, MD; Kiok Ahn, MD; Hyun Noh, MD; Youngjin Cheon, MD
Illustrative Cases
582-583 Acute Subdural Hematoma: Potential Soccer Injury in an Otherwise Healthy Child
Riad Lutfi, MD; Charles J. Mullett, MD, PhD; Linda S. Nield, MD
Illustrative Cases
584-585 Traumatic Posterior Dislocation of the Hip in a 3-Year-Old Child
James C. Forde, MB BCh BAO, IMRCSI; Khalid S. Khan, MB, FRCS(Tr & Orth); Nasir Awan, MB, BS, FRCS(Tr & Orth)
Illustrative Cases
586-587 Open-Book Pelvic Fracture in Late Pregnancy
Bruce M. Lo, MD; Edward J. Downs, MD; Joseph C. Dooley, MD
Illustrative Cases
588-589 Hypoventilation Due to Reinhalation in Infants With a Transport Ventilator
Jesús López-Herce, PhD, MD; Santiago Mencía, PhD, MD; Maria José Santiago, MD; María Herrera, MD; Maria José Solana, MD
Illustrative Cases
590-591 Urinary Tract Infection in a Healthy 10-Year-Old Boy: An Occult Etiology
Sangeeta Rani Bhatia, MD; Robert W. Hickey, MD, FAAP, FAHA
Illustrative Cases
592-593 An Unusual Cause of Pediatric Altered Mental Status: A Mesenteric Hernia
Hsiang-Ju Hsiao, MD; Chang-Teng Wu, MD; Shao-Hsuan Hsia, MD; Yung-Ching Ming, MD
Illustrative Cases
594-596 Tarsometatarsal Injury in a Child
Usha Sethuraman, MD; Sudershan K. Grover, MD; Nirupama Kannikeswaran, MD
Illustrative Cases
597-598 Chlamydia Pneumonia Mimicking Miliary Tuberculosis
Secil Arslansoyu Camlar, MD; Arzu Babayigit, MD; Duygu Olmez, MD; Murat Duman, MD; Balahan Makay, MD; Özden Anal, MD; Nevin Uzuner, MD; Handan Cakmakci, MD
Illustrative Cases
599-602 Early Introduction of Peritoneal Dialysis May Improve Survival in Severe Sepsis
Katalin Szakszon, MD; István Csízy, MD, PhD; Tamás Szabó, MD, PhD
Illustrative Cases
603-604 Gridding: A Form of Folk Medicine for Respiratory Illness
Dante Allen Pappano, MD, MPH
Pick Your Poison
605-607 Huffing and Puffing to Lose Weight
Katherine A. O'Donnell, MD; Michele Burns Ewald, MD
CME Review Article
608-618 Update on Sexually Transmitted Infections, 2008
Sabreen Akhter, DO; Kathleen Beckmann, DO; Marc Gorelick, MD, MSCE
ECGs in the ED
619-620 ECGs in the ED
Ronn E. Tanel, MD
Letters to the Editors
621 Recognition of "Plastic Bronchitis" in the Emergency Department
Mark R. Zonfrillo, MD; Kevin C. Osterhoudt, MD, MS
Letters to the Editors
621-623 Group A Streptococcal Infection Observations
Larry B. Mellick, MD, MS, FAAP, FACEP

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