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Pediatric Emergency Care
December 2008, Volume 24, Issue 12

Original Articles
805-809 Confirming Nasogastric Tube Position in the Emergency Department: pH Testing Is Reliable
Amanda Stock, MBBS, FRACP; Heather Gilbertson, GradDipDiet, GradCertDiabEd, PhD, APD; Franz E. Babl, MD, MPH, FRACP, FAAP

Original Articles
810-815 Time- and Fluid-Sensitive Resuscitation for Hemodynamic Support of Children in Septic Shock: Barriers to the Implementation of the American College of Critical Care Medicine/Pediatric Advanced Life Support Guidelines in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in a Developing World
Cláudio F. Oliveira, MD; Flávio R. Nogueira de Sá, MD; Débora S.F. Oliveira, MD; Adriana F.C. Gottschald, MD; Juliana D.G. Moura, MD; Audrey R.O. Shibata, MD; Eduardo J. Troster, MD, PhD; Flávio A.C. Vaz, MD, PhD; Joseph A. Carcillo, MD

Original Articles
816-821 Fatal Abusive Head Trauma Cases: Consequence of Medical Staff Missing Milder Forms of Physical Abuse
Resmiye Oral, MD; Fatih Yagmur, MD; Marcus Nashelsky, MD; Munevver Turkmen, MD; Patricia Kirby, MD

Original Articles
822-830 Development of an Emergency Department Triage Tool to Predict Acidosis Among Children With Gastroenteritis
P. Jamil Madati, MD; Richard Bachur, MD

Original Articles
831-835 Retrospective Review of Unintentional Female Genital Trauma at a Pediatric Referral Center
Rachel F. Spitzer, MD, MPH, FRCSC; Sari Kives, MD, FRCSC; Nicolette Caccia, MD, FRCSC; Melanie Ornstein, MD, MA, FRCSC; Cristina Goia, MSc; Lisa M. Allen, MD, FRCSC

Original Articles
836-838 Emergency Department Waiting Room Stress: Can Music or Aromatherapy Improve Anxiety Scores?
Lydia Holm, MD; Laura Fitzmaurice, MD

Illustrative Cases
839-841 Group A Streptococcal Infection of an Intramuscular Venous Malformation: A Case Report and Review of the Literature
Scott Russell, MD; Raymond G. Watts, MD; Stuart A. Royal, MS, MD; Douglas C. Barnhart, MD, MSPH

Illustrative Cases
842-844 Thoracic Spine Compression Fracture During Isoniazid-Induced Seizures: Case Report
Aydner Kalac, MD; Mehmet Duru, MD; Sinem Karazincir, MD; Teoman Toni Sevinç, MD; Güven Kuvandk, MD; Ali Balc, MD

Illustrative Cases
845-846 Ethmoid Mucocele Presenting as an Orbital Mass
Maria Carmen G. Diaz, MD; Richard J. Schmidt, MD

Illustrative Cases
847-848 Report of 4 Cases of Testicular Rupture in Adolescent Boys Secondary to Sports-Related Trauma
Richard J. Adams, MD; Magdy Attia, MD; Kate Cronan, MD

Illustrative Cases
849-851 Esophageal Foreign Body: A Case of a Neonate With Stridor
Nahmah Kim, MD; Norrell Atkinson, MD; Paul Manicone, MD, FAAP

Illustrative Cases
852-856 Atlantoaxial Rotary Subluxation After Minor Trauma
Brad A. Sobolewski, MD; Matthew R. Mittiga, MD; Jennifer L. Reed, MD

Medicolegal Issues
857-860 Pediatric Emergency Medicine: Legal Briefs
George A. (Tony) Woodward, MD

CME Review Article
861-866 Management of Anaphylaxis in Children
Danica B. Liberman, MD; Stephen J. Teach, MD, MPH

CME Review Article
867-869 Management of Anaphylaxis in Children

Review Article
870-874 Urgency Classification Methods for Emergency Department Visits: Do They Measure Up?
Rakesh D. Mistry, MD, MS; David C. Brousseau, MD, MS; Evaline A. Alessandrini, MD, MSCE

Pick Your Poison
875-879 A Teenager With Focal Weakness
Jennifer L. McGuire, MD; Lauren A. Beslow, MD; Richard S. Finkel, MD; Robert A. Zimmerman, MD; Fred M. Henretig, MD

ECGs in the ED
880-881 ECGs in the ED
Ronn E. Tanel, MD

Note to Reviewers
882 Note to Reviewers
Stephen Ludwig, MD; Gary Fleisher, MD; Fran Klass; Zella Ludwig

Nursing Forum: PDF Only
883 Nursing Forum Editorial Board

Nursing Forum
883-887 Searching for the Holy Grail: A Review of Markers of Tissue Perfusion in Pediatric Critical Care
Stefan P. Maar, RN, CEN, MSN

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