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martes, 4 de noviembre de 2008


Medscape from WebMD
October 2008

Top 10 Most Read Articles by Pediatricians:
  1. A 14-Year-Old Boy With Progressive Weakness and Dyspnea  CME/CE
A 14-year-old boy presents to the ED with a 10-day history of progressive weakness following symptoms of an upper respiratory infection. The patient's weakness is affecting his extremities, and he has developed shortness of breath and difficulty urinating. The patient is sent for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of his brain and spine. What is the patient's condition as verified by the MRI?
  2. A Young Athlete in Cardiac Arrest  CME/CE
  3. Rotavirus Disease and Its Prevention (Slides With Video)  CME/CE
  4. Guidelines Address Physical Activity for Individuals 6 Years and Older  CME/CE
  5. American Academy of Pediatrics Updates Guidelines for Vitamin D Intake  CME/CE
  6. Does a Birth Dose of Acellular Pertussis Vaccine Reduce Later Pertussis Antibody Response?  
  7. Pediatric Guidelines Updated for Influenza Vaccination in 2008-2009 Season  CME/CE
  8. A 3-Year-Old Boy With Intense Itching  CME/CE
  9. Genetic Test May Help Assess Autism Risk in Siblings of Affected Children  
10. Painful Left Knee in a 7-Year-Old Boy  CME/CE

Top 10 Most Read Articles Last Month:

  1. A Young Athlete in Cardiac Arrest  CME/CE
A 17-year-old male was found in cardiac arrest following a blow to the chest. The patient immediately dropped to the ground and was unresponsive after being elbowed by a teammate who ran into him. What is the likely pathophysiology that led to the cardiac arrest?
  2. A 14-Year-Old Boy With Progressive Weakness and Dyspnea  CME/CE
  3. An Auricular Mass in a 42-Year-Old Man  CME/CE
  4. Societies Confront GI Risks of Antiplatelets, NSAIDs in Consensus Document  CME/CE
  5. A 47-Year-Old Man With Acute Epigastric Pain  CME/CE
  6. What Happened to the Polypill?  
  7. Reducing Heart Rate in Hypertension Is Harmful -- or Is It Just Atenolol?  CME
  8. New Recommendations Provide Age for Stopping Colorectal Screening  CME
  9. Warfarin Warning: Shortfalls in Anticoagulation for AF Up Risks of ICH and Embolic Stroke  CME
10. Consensus Statement Updated on Management of Hyperglycemia in Type 2 Diabetes  CME/CE

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