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jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2008

Pediatric Emergency Care

November 2008, Volume 24, Issue 11

Original Articles
735-744 Predicting Need for Hospitalization in Acute Pediatric Asthma
Marc Gorelick, MD, MSCE; Philip V. Scribano, DO, MSCE; Martha W. Stevens, MD, MSCE; Theresa Schultz, RRT, RN, MBA; Justine Shults, PhD

Original Articles
745-748 Neutrophil CD64 Expression as a Diagnostic Marker of Bacterial Infection in Febrile Children Presenting to a Hospital Emergency Department
Bernard Rudensky, PhD; Gisella Sirota, MD; Mattityahu Erlichman, MD, MPH; Amos M. Yinnon, MD; Yechiel Schlesinger, MD


Original Articles
749-756 Effect of Cervical Spine Immobilization Technique on Pediatric Advanced Airway Management: A High-Fidelity Infant Simulation Model
Akira Nishisaki, MD; Louis Scrattish, MD; John Boulet, PhD; Mandip Kalsi, MD; Matthew Maltese, MS; Thomas Castner, MD; Aaron Donoghue, MD; Roberta Hales, RRT, RN; Lisa Tyler, BS, RRT; Peter Brust, RN; Mark Helfaer, MD; Vinay Nadkarni, MD

Original Articles
757-760 Nontraumatic Dental Complaints in a Pediatric Emergency Department
Maria G. Oliva, MD; David J. Kenny, DDS, PhD; Savithiri Ratnapalan, MBBS, M Ed, MRCP, FRCPC, FAAP

Original Articles
761-763 Etiologies of Seizures in Young Children Admitted to an Inner City Hospital in a Developing Country
Feyzullah Çetinkaya, MD; Ece Sennaroglu, MD; Sinan Comu, MD

Original Articles
764-767 Suppurative Thyroiditis in Children: A Management Algorithm
Stacey L. Smith, MD; Kevin D. Pereira, MD, MS

Illustrative Cases
768-770 An Adolescent With Thigh Pain
Muhammad Waseem, MD; Muhammad Aslam, MD; Krishan Kumar, MD; Wilhelmina Hernandez, MD

Illustrative Cases
771-773 Anaphylaxis and Superior Vena Cava Thrombus in a Pediatric Patient With Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Amy M. Creel, MD; David Crawford, MD; Priya Prabhakaran, MD

Illustrative Cases
774-776 Simultaneous Gastric and Small Intestinal Trichobezoars
Ajay Malhotra, MD; Luann Jones, MD; George Drugas, MD

Illustrative Cases
777-781 Cardiac Tamponade and Pleural Effusion Complicating Varicella: A Case Report
Syed Asif Masood, MD; Ernest Kiel, MD; Olugbenga Akingbola, MD; Rebecca Green, MD; Lisa Hodges, MD; Gretchen Petterway, MD

Illustrative Cases
782-784 Shower Steamer Burns in a Toddler: Case Report and Brief Review of Steam Burns in Children
Jeremy Brywczynski, MD; Donald H. Arnold, MD, MPH

CME Review Article
785-792 Nasal Foreign Body Removal in Children
James R. Kiger, MD; Timothy E. Brenkert, MD; Joseph D. Losek, MD

CME Review Article
790-792 Nasal Foreign Body Removal in Children

Review Article
793-800 Intussusception
Muhammad Waseem, MD; Henrietta Kotlus Rosenberg, MD

Radiology in the ED
801-802 Tripped, Won't Walk
Leonard E. Swischuk, MD

ECGs in the ED
803-804 ECGs in the ED
Ronn E. Tanel, MD

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